Amazingly easy to use call analytics

VoIP Detective interfaces with your existing Cisco Call Manager phone system, providing easy to understand call related analytics.  It will enable individuals at every level of your organization to run call reports quickly and easily. It surpasses the build in Cisco CDR reporting tool to produce easy to read call reports.

Lite (as in free) version

Download a copy of VoIP Detective today for free.
The lite version has no expiration (use it forever), and once you find that you love it, upgrading to VoIP Detective Pro is as easy as dropping in a new license key.

Sales managers love us

No other product on the market makes it as easy for managers to see details about the their team’s calls.
VoIP Detective Pro can email out summary as well as detailed information on a recurring basis. Plus, ad-hoc reports are just a few clicks away.

Easy to implement

Download the VoIP Detective virtual machine, deploy it in your existing VMware environment, and tell Call Manager to send call records it’s way. That’s all there is to getting up and running.

Easy to understand call reporting.

VoIP Detective is a software package designed to not only give administrators detailed technical information about the health of a Call Manager phone system, but also to allow end users and organization managers access to complete call reports. Once an administrator gives someone access, they can run call reports on their entire team. Set these call reports up to be emailed at your desired times, and it becomes completely hands off. Have your team or department’s call logs automatically show up in your email every day!

Ease of use 100%
Automation 100%
Accuracy 100%

Support 100%

The Details

VoIP Detective was designed from the ground up to be an easy to use, easy to deploy call reporting solution.

Power to the Admins

Full reporting on all calls through your system
Search for patterns, such as 911
View technical details of each call (MOS, loss, jitter)
Show call details such as originating device, destination device and error codes

Put the manage back in manager

Managers can be assigned end users that they are able to pull call records on.
View inbound and outbound calls for each person.
See inbound calls that were missed and went to voicemail.
Managers can view their entire team in one report, or each individual person.

End users love it

End users register for their own account and can pull reports on calls into and out of their extensions. By far the most user friendly Cisco CDR tool, you can even export data into excel.

Designed for Cisco Callmanager

This system was designed from the ground up for Cisco Callmanager (CUCM) systems. Add VoIP Detective as a billing server inside of Call Manager and you’re up and running.

Virtual Machine

VoIP Detective is a pre-built virtual machine, so deployment is easy. There is no need for any additional licensing, or server builds.

One click upgrades

VoIP Detective is under active development, with upgrades coming frequently. Update to the latest version with one click in your admin panel.

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Pricing Plans

VoIP Detective CDR tool is available in Lite version and a Pro version. Upgrading from the Lite version to Pro is as easy as installing a new license key.


$free / one time

  • No expiration or time limit
  • No limit to the number of devices. Covers everything in your Call Manager Cluster.
  • Imports new records every hour
  • Stores 7 days worth of call data (older data is overwritten).
  • No limit to the number of users, managers and administrators you can create
  • Free upgrades forever
  • Run real-time reports such as all calls to and from extension, inbound calls, and outbound calls
  • Admins can see error calls and isolate problems before they impact users
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$999 / year

  • Everything that is included in VoIP Detective Lite
  • No limit to the number of devices. Covers everything in your Call Manager Cluster.
  • Imports new records every minute
  • Store millions of call records
  • Email alerts for emergency calls
  • Schedule automated reports to be emailed at the time you choose
  • Gateway Utilization reports
  • CUBE analytics
  • Data privacy / GDPR compliant (mask phone numbers from users)
  • Sync usernames with CUCM (VoIP Detective will show names in reports)
  • UCCX Wallboard
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