VoIP Detective Pro includes a UCCX Wallboard at no additional charge. This call center wallboard is designed for organizations who use Cisco’s Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX). This wallboard will provide live information about your UCCX call center.

What is a UCCX Wallboard?

Call center staff know that monitoring customer interactions is critical. Keeping track of wait time, time to answer, abandon rate and more is crucial. A wallboard is a single screen that is constantly updated, showing the number of available contact center agents, the number of callers waiting to speak to those agents, and all the associated metrics. By glancing at this wallboard, one can tell if the call center is appropriately staffed and if callers are being serviced in a timely manner.

Wallboards are traditionally displayed on televisions inside of the call center, however the VoIP Detective Wallboard can be displayed in any browser window. Since the results are cached, all of your agents can have the wallboard up, keeping track of the number of callers on hold, abandon rate and more.

Visual alerts when issues arise

The colors of the wallboard are configurable, and can be set to change based on events. If all agents are on the phone, the queue background can turn orange as a warning – if there are callers on hold, with no available agents to service them, the color can change red.

Report on several call center queues at one time

Pick a group of call center queues to be shown on a single page of the uccx wallboard, or show all your queues at the same time.

Show many call center queues at once

Show many call center queues at once

Show a single call center queue

Pick a single call center queue, and display stats from that queue. The stats are fully customizable, so you can show or hide whatever is important to your team.

Single call center queue

Show a single queue

Show only the stats that are important to your team.

Show only the stats that are important to your team.

How much does this Call Center Wallboard cost?

The VoIP Detective Wallboard is included with VoIP Detective Pro at no charge. The wallboard can report on unlimited agents, unlimited queues, and unlimited metrics without any additional charge.