Introducing VoIP Detective version 0.950. This version introduces a number of features aimed at pulling more data from your call records.

bugs fixed:2

features added:9

  • new – Support for proxy servers when connecting to the internet
  • new – Easily change the time period from the search page. No need to go back to the main search window to report on different dates
  • new – Admin and inbound call reports give information about each call leg (each part of the call) – Pro only
  • new – Admins can now search for multiple gateways at the same time on the gateway usage report >/li>
  • new – More information added to the initial setup interview
  • new – Admins can search for conference bridge usage
  • new – More information about inbound calls with multiple legs (i.e. call flow for conference / transferred calls)
  • new – Call import records data about conference / transfer
  • new – New troubleshooting page where Admins can gather information for support
  • new – Support for multiple voicemail pilots
  • fix – Adding new devices to the gateway utilization search broke history when search for all devices
  • fix – Error that cause emergency alerts to trigger when the emergency number is 0000 and a user dialed 0