Variphy has come to be known as an industry leading call reporting solution. It does an excellent job of reporting on inbound, outbound, hunt group, just about any type of call that would traverse your system. Even with this high praise, many organizations do not adopt Variphy. One reason many organizations do not adopt Variphy is price. A Variphy license is out of reach for most small companies, it can even be difficult to justify for larger corporations. Luckily, there is an excellent free alternative, VoIP Detective.

VoIP Detective, just like Variphy is a call reporting solution that will process files from your Cisco Call Manager, and provide easy to read reports.  You deploy VoIP Detective at your location, just like Variphy, and it processes CDRs quickly and efficiently.

VoIP Detective is a robust solution that has been under development for 7+ years.  It holds it’s own when it comes to features, and blows Variphy out of the water when it comes to ease of use.  The Variphy call stream report is just one example where VoIP Detective produces a more polished report:

VoIP Detective call streams:

VoIP Detective call stream report

As it compares to a Variphy call stream report:

Variphy Call Streams

Variphy Call Streams

Variphy Call Streams

The driving goal behind VoIP Detective is something that Variphy can’t touch – the desire to be very easy to use.  Along these lines, the VoIP Detective interface is clean and uncluttered, and it makes pulling reports simple for everyone, administrations, managers, and end users.  That’s right – VoIP Detective is designed so that you can allow your end users access if you choose.

If you are currently evaluating Variphy CDR Reporting, you should also try the free Variphy alternative – VoIP Detective.  After trying VoIP Detective, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.