CUCM user data synchronization is here! Now your call reports will not only include the extension (i.e 2345) associated with a call, but also the user’s name (i.e. 2345 – Bugs Bunny).
Using a read-only connection from VoIP Detective to Cisco Call Manager, PRO users can pull user data from their CUCM installation into VoIP Detective (populating the Display Name fields).
This data pull will allow your reports to show the name of the of the CUCM end user associated with that telephone number.

Information on how to setup this CUCM sync can be found here: Synchronizing data between CUCM and VoIP Detective

In addition to this huge step forward for VoIP Detective, we’ve also made many small improvements and bugfixes. VoIP Detective has come a long way from its humble beginnings!

  • bugs fixed:9
  • features added:3
  • new – CUCM Data Sync Added
  • new – VD-56 – Inbound reports do not easily reflect when a call is not answered.
  • new – More display names added to user management to make dialog boxes more readable.
  • fix – Error that caused admin search to filter out valid results
  • fix – Error when no emergency number is specified.
  • fix – CDR Import error when user has apostrophe in name or email.
  • fix – VD-51 – Space in the search field causes problems
  • fix – VD-53 – Global Managers show wrong extension in user management
  • fix – VD-52 – Global Managers receive “not authorized” errors when logging in
  • fix – Update to the way the Admin Dash shows error legs
  • fix – Admin search misses calls when calls do not connect and various fields are NULL. This shows more error calls in the admin search.
  • fix – Display Names only appear on the first page of a search
  • update – improvements to the update and licensing systems