Get the celebration Started! Our latest upgrade, version 1.009 is the largest to date. We are incredibly proud of all the new features, bug-fixes, and ease of use this version will provide. Before we put on our dancing shoes, we want to take a minute to say thank you! Without our wonderful users giving us requests and suggestions, this latest version wouldn’t be as magnificent (yes, we said it).

The first improvement is the introduction of “Display Names”. You suggested and we listened. This was our most requested feature. Available in our PRO version, the admin can now put actual names to phone extensions. We know, your team is so much more than a number. This is only available in a couple of reports currently, but will be rolled out to all reports shortly.

Also, giving power to the admins, administrators now have more flexibility in the admin search. You can now search by “contains, begins, ends with, or is exactly”. With this, you can zero in on the exact results you’re looking for.

Thank you again to our valuable users for your suggestions. The majority of the fixes and upgrade additions in this release have comes directly from your requests. Please know that we take your suggestions to heard and together we are creating the best, most user friendly call reporting system there is.

If you have been happy using VoIP Detective, the best way to show your love is to write a review or refer a d friend. As a growing company, this means the world to us.

  • bugs fixed:9
  • features added:10
  • new – VD-42 – Admin search – allow for search based off contains, begins with, ends with, or exact
  • new – VD-15 – Offline licensing is now available for PRO users who do not have internet connectivity to their VoIP Detective installation.
  • new – “Display Names” allow administrators to replace extensions or phone numbers with names.
  • new – Additional descriptions / explanations added when hovering over menu items on search page
  • new – VD-41 – Show calls answered as part of a hunt group under an extension’s admin or inbound report./li>
  • new – VD-33 – Allow the downloading of support files and CDRs for troubleshooting
  • new – VD-38 – Exclude calls recorded with the built in bridge / sip trunk
  • new – VD-28 – Allow for names to be displayed instead of extensions (currently for admin search only
  • new – Ability for those who do not use the North American Numbering Plan to opt out of these settings
  • fix – VD-30 – On high traffic CUCM clusters, globalCallID_callId gets reused, causing inaccurate call legs in VoIP Detective
  • fix – VD-31 – Unset variables in search-usage.php and cronDaily.php
  • fix – VD-34 – Selecting “All records per page” produces error
  • fix – VD-35 – Unexpected files in the /incoming folder cause errors (these are now moved to a folder)
  • fix – VD-26 – 0k CDR or CMR causes errors
  • fix – VD-27 – Users with names instead of extensions produce errors
  • fix – VD-45 – Timezones are not properly reflected in scheduled reports
  • fix – VD-46 – Admin user creation fails if mail server is not accessible
  • fix – VD-47-Time to answer error for 0 second calls
  • fix – Passwords were displayed on the administrator config page. They are now masked.
  • upgraded – bootstrap
  • upgraded – jquery
  • upgraded – chart.js
  • upgraded – font awesome
  • upgraded – mpdf