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VoIP Detective 1.025

Scheduled Reports are now active. This is a huge upgrade on the previous automated (email) reports available to PRO users. All PRO users and administrators can choose what report to send, what time of day it should be sent, and the frequency. The admin can even schedule reports for other users, or those without VoIP Detective accounts. Another addition for our PRO users in 1.025 is a Busy Hour Report, where we look at calls to an extension, and summarize them into one hour increments. Easily tell when are your most and least busy hours.

  • bugs fixed:5
  • features added:5
  • new – Scheduled Reports are now available. You can now choose when you’d like reports delivered, and what information should be contained in them.
  • new – Busy Hour Reports are now available. View calls to an extension, broken into one hour increments (i.e. 100 calls at 10am, of which 95 were answered, and 5 went to voicemail).
  • new – Added troubleshooting option to delete duplicate call records from database
  • new – Display names added to drop-downs on search page
  • new – Inbound call report now shows connect time, disconnect time, and time to answer in the export
  • fix – fix to scheduled report that erroneously filtered out calls.
  • fix – Change to cronImport that prevents import loops and cronImport from getting stuck activated.
  • fix – VD-28 Allow for names to be displayed instead of extensions (finished adding this to all reports and exports)
  • fix – VD-49 Exported team reports should show total talk time in minutes
  • fix – VD-52 Global Managers receive “not authorized” errors when logging in

VoIP Detective 1.009

Get the celebration Started! Our latest upgrade, version 1.009 is the largest to date. We are incredibly proud of all the new features, bug-fixes, and ease of use this version will provide. Before we put on our dancing shoes, we want to take a minute to say thank you! Without our wonderful users giving us requests and suggestions, this latest version wouldn’t be as magnificent (yes, we said it).

The first improvement is the introduction of “Display Names”. You suggested and we listened. This was our most requested feature. Available in our PRO version, the admin can now put actual names to phone extensions. We know, your team is so much more than a number. This is only available in a couple of reports currently, but will be rolled out to all reports shortly.

Also, giving power to the admins, administrators now have more flexibility in the admin search. You can now search by “contains, begins, ends with, or is exactly”. With this, you can zero in on the exact results you’re looking for.

Thank you again to our valuable users for your suggestions. The majority of the fixes and upgrade additions in this release have comes directly from your requests. Please know that we take your suggestions to heard and together we are creating the best, most user friendly call reporting system there is.

If you have been happy using VoIP Detective, the best way to show your love is to write a review or refer a d friend. As a growing company, this means the world to us.

  • bugs fixed:9
  • features added:10
  • new – VD-42 – Admin search – allow for search based off contains, begins with, ends with, or exact
  • new – VD-15 – Offline licensing is now available for PRO users who do not have internet connectivity to their VoIP Detective installation.
  • new – “Display Names” allow administrators to replace extensions or phone numbers with names.
  • new – Additional descriptions / explanations added when hovering over menu items on search page
  • new – VD-41 – Show calls answered as part of a hunt group under an extension’s admin or inbound report./li>
  • new – VD-33 – Allow the downloading of support files and CDRs for troubleshooting
  • new – VD-38 – Exclude calls recorded with the built in bridge / sip trunk
  • new – VD-28 – Allow for names to be displayed instead of extensions (currently for admin search only
  • new – Ability for those who do not use the North American Numbering Plan to opt out of these settings
  • fix – VD-30 – On high traffic CUCM clusters, globalCallID_callId gets reused, causing inaccurate call legs in VoIP Detective
  • fix – VD-31 – Unset variables in search-usage.php and cronDaily.php
  • fix – VD-34 – Selecting “All records per page” produces error
  • fix – VD-35 – Unexpected files in the /incoming folder cause errors (these are now moved to a folder)
  • fix – VD-26 – 0k CDR or CMR causes errors
  • fix – VD-27 – Users with names instead of extensions produce errors
  • fix – VD-45 – Timezones are not properly reflected in scheduled reports
  • fix – VD-46 – Admin user creation fails if mail server is not accessible
  • fix – VD-47-Time to answer error for 0 second calls
  • fix – Passwords were displayed on the administrator config page. They are now masked.
  • upgraded – bootstrap
  • upgraded – jquery
  • upgraded – chart.js
  • upgraded – font awesome
  • upgraded – mpdf

VoIP Detective 0.997

One of our largest updates yet, with big ticket items like Admin dashboard improvements, and a more robust import, this version of VoIP Detective is the most exciting yet. Our PRO users will appreciate the new GDPR support, allowing for an increased level of data privacy – administrators can mask a portion of a callers phone number to comply with local laws. I’d also like to mention the large number of bugs that were squashed in this new version.

VoIP Detective continues to show that it is the easiest to use call reporting software available for Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

  • bugs fixed:12
  • features added:7
  • new – PRO – gateway totals are displayed on gateway utilization reports
  • new – PRO – Data privacy added to allow masking of external numbers, adding GDPR compliance
  • new – Import system redesigned
  • new – External dialing prefixes can be hidden in end user reports
  • new – Admin dashboard improvements
  • new – Additional import debugging
  • new – Exported reports write to the logs
  • fix – Admin dashboard links to errors reference the proper time
  • fix – Admin dashboard had error that cause stats for 23:00 to always be 0
  • fix – Error that prevented import of CMR files from CUCM 12.5
  • fix – Proxy was improperly processing calls to localhost
  • fix – Better error handling for broken CMR files
  • fix – Missing language key on scheduled reports
  • fix – Changing the site license key could prevent re-licensing
  • fix – Lack of calls email to the administrator had confusing wording.
  • fix – Error in gateway utilization for multi-hour calls.
  • fix – License display of expiration had an error
  • fix – Display error that broke the front page for Internet Explorer
  • fix – Import process now handles 0k CDR files
  • OS update – the ability to update the underlying Linux operating system.
  • OS update – PRO – Offline updates are now available

VoIP Detective 0.984

This release is all about refining processes and polishing designs to deliver the best call accounting experience possible. From UI changes in the admin search to a total makeover of the user management system, this release of VoIP Detective brings a host of small improvements to make your life easier.

  •  bugs fixed:1
  •  features added:9
  • new – Administrators can add multiple extensions to managers through a comma separated list
  • new – CMR data has been reformatted (when doing an admin search)
  • new – Call legs now show more data
  • new – Admin panel auto refresh – choose to auto refresh the admin page every 5 minutes
  • new – Administrators can create named accounts (through user management)
  • new – Pro now retains 90 days of CMR data
  • new – Increased page speed for the admin panel
  • new – User Management interface redesign
  • new – Admin search contains disconnect code in the GUI
  • fix – added a check for globalCallID_callId on record import
  • update – bootstrap to 4.4.1
  • update – jquery to 3.4.1

VoIP Detective – 0.978

Celebrate the new year with a new VoIP Detective release!   Version 0.978 of the best Cisco Call Manager reporting tool brings a number of new features an bug fixes.  With this version of VoIP Detective, Pro users will be able to export 100,000 records directly into XLSX or CSV files.  Want to have a manager that can report on all calls in your organization, but not have the ability to modify the configuration of the system?  Look no farther and the new Global Managers feature.

  •  bugs fixed:6
  •  features added:9
    • new – Global managers – These can pull reports on any number, but cannot change the system configuration
    • new – Redesign of the export system. Pro users are now able to export 100,000 records to XLSX & CSV
    • new – Admin notification on licensing issues
    • new – Enable / Disable email on a global level
    • new – Emergency call log added
    • new – Updates to the restore process
    • new – Admin panel and system status pages now display license information
    • new – Admin search based on calling number – this means you can search for only calls from internal extensions
    • new – Error handling when importing very large amounts of records
    • fix – export functions did not honor timezone selection, causing exported data to be shown in system default time.
    • fix – missing language key on troubleshooting page
    • fix – formatting error on main search page
    • fix – deleting managers cleans up reporting associations
    • fix – report exports showed unix timestamp instead of proper date
    • fix – team export had inbound calls mislabeled

    VoIP Detective – 0.963

    The VoIP Detective Fall 2019 Update is here! Version 0.963 introduces a number of new features. Once updated, you will be able to export reports in PDF, Excel, and CSV formats. Another huge addition is the availability of a CMC (client matter code) search.

    • bugs fixed:3
    • features added:5
    • new – PRO users can now export all reports to XLXS, PDF, and CSV
    • new – Support for https (using self signed certificates)
    • new – Client matter code search (pro only)
    • new – More troubleshooting information to help smooth out any bumps
    • new – More system information on the System Status page
    • fix – 0 duration calls would not actually show 0 seconds
    • fix – Inbound call report had a bug in the call numbering
    • fix – In certain instances, logging out could redirect to a broken page
    • update – Update system updated from version 1.6.3 to 1.7
    • update – License system updated from version 2.6 to 2.6.2
    • update – OS incremented to 1.5 – Centos 7.7 & new partition sizing


    VoIP Detective – 0.950

    Change the report timeframe

    Introducing VoIP Detective version 0.950. This version introduces a number of features aimed at pulling more data from your call records.

    bugs fixed:2

    features added:9

    • new – Support for proxy servers when connecting to the internet
    • new – Easily change the time period from the search page. No need to go back to the main search window to report on different dates
    • new – Admin and inbound call reports give information about each call leg (each part of the call) – Pro only
    • new – Admins can now search for multiple gateways at the same time on the gateway usage report >/li>
    • new – More information added to the initial setup interview
    • new – Admins can search for conference bridge usage
    • new – More information about inbound calls with multiple legs (i.e. call flow for conference / transferred calls)
    • new – Call import records data about conference / transfer
    • new – New troubleshooting page where Admins can gather information for support
    • new – Support for multiple voicemail pilots
    • fix – Adding new devices to the gateway utilization search broke history when search for all devices
    • fix – Error that cause emergency alerts to trigger when the emergency number is 0000 and a user dialed 0

    VoIP Detective – 0.940

    • new – Admins can run team reports as specific managers
    • new – Team reports allow you to drill down for detailed information
    • new – Admins can manually add end users
    • new – Nightly maintenance information added to log files
    • new – Reworking of cron system to allow very large databases (prevents timing out when processing large database)
    • fix – change to licensing and update servers
    • fix – Fixed navbar bug in Internet Explorer
    • fix – XLS export was broken
    • fix – Error in user management for very long extensions
    • fix – Increased accuracy in gateway utilization reports
    • OS incremented to 1.4 – added error log

    VoIP Detective – 0.920

    Gateway usage
    • new – (Pro Only) Added ability to for admin to search by originating or destination ip address
    • new – (Pro Only) Gateway utilization search can show peak utilization of gateways. Graph the usage of:
      • gateways
      • conference bridges
      • voicemail pilots
      • CTI Ports (used for call centers)
    • new – Ability to search for calls by the day / hour / minute on all reports
    • new – Added more CMR data to admin reports
    • new – Email to admin if no call records received in the last 24 hours
    • new – More database optimization to reduce size and increase speed
    • fix – Error in nightly admin email
    • fix – Error in admin search when looking for very large datasets
    • fix – Error in inbound call report (userid would only show on the first page of results
    • OS incremented to 1.3 – additional log rotations

    VoIP Detective 0.910

    • bugfix – Fixed issue with uninstalling licensing
    • bugfix – Modifiy the voiceMailPilot to allow long entries
    • feature – Added help system with contextual support. Clicking help on a page will provide assistance for that specific page.
    • feature – Added more information to the admin dashboard
    • feature – Added ability to refresh logs
    • feature – Added more style customization
    • feature – Added the ability to hide the remote location (which US state the external call translates to)
    • feature – Converted tables to InnoDB to allow row level locking
    • feature – Added MD5 information to the backup section
    • feature (Pro only) – Inbound call report shows final destination of call.