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VoIP Detective – 0.963

The VoIP Detective Fall 2019 Update is here! Version 0.963 introduces a number of new features. Once updated, you will be able to export reports in PDF, Excel, and CSV formats. Another huge addition is the availability of a CMC (client matter code) search.

  • bugs fixed:3
  • features added:5
  • new – PRO users can now export all reports to XLXS, PDF, and CSV
  • new – Support for https (using self signed certificates)
  • new – Client matter code search (pro only)
  • new – More troubleshooting information to help smooth out any bumps
  • new – More system information on the System Status page
  • fix – 0 duration calls would not actually show 0 seconds
  • fix – Inbound call report had a bug in the call numbering
  • fix – In certain instances, logging out could redirect to a broken page
  • update – Update system updated from version 1.6.3 to 1.7
  • update – License system updated from version 2.6 to 2.6.2
  • update – OS incremented to 1.5 – Centos 7.7 & new partition sizing


VoIP Detective – 0.950

Change the report timeframe

Introducing VoIP Detective version 0.950. This version introduces a number of features aimed at pulling more data from your call records.

bugs fixed:2

features added:9

  • new – Support for proxy servers when connecting to the internet
  • new – Easily change the time period from the search page. No need to go back to the main search window to report on different dates
  • new – Admin and inbound call reports give information about each call leg (each part of the call) – Pro only
  • new – Admins can now search for multiple gateways at the same time on the gateway usage report >/li>
  • new – More information added to the initial setup interview
  • new – Admins can search for conference bridge usage
  • new – More information about inbound calls with multiple legs (i.e. call flow for conference / transferred calls)
  • new – Call import records data about conference / transfer
  • new – New troubleshooting page where Admins can gather information for support
  • new – Support for multiple voicemail pilots
  • fix – Adding new devices to the gateway utilization search broke history when search for all devices
  • fix – Error that cause emergency alerts to trigger when the emergency number is 0000 and a user dialed 0

VoIP Detective – 0.940

  • new – Admins can run team reports as specific managers
  • new – Team reports allow you to drill down for detailed information
  • new – Admins can manually add end users
  • new – Nightly maintenance information added to log files
  • new – Reworking of cron system to allow very large databases (prevents timing out when processing large database)
  • fix – change to licensing and update servers
  • fix – Fixed navbar bug in Internet Explorer
  • fix – XLS export was broken
  • fix – Error in user management for very long extensions
  • fix – Increased accuracy in gateway utilization reports
  • OS incremented to 1.4 – added error log

VoIP Detective – 0.920

Gateway usage
  • new – (Pro Only) Added ability to for admin to search by originating or destination ip address
  • new – (Pro Only) Gateway utilization search can show peak utilization of gateways. Graph the usage of:
    • gateways
    • conference bridges
    • voicemail pilots
    • CTI Ports (used for call centers)
  • new – Ability to search for calls by the day / hour / minute on all reports
  • new – Added more CMR data to admin reports
  • new – Email to admin if no call records received in the last 24 hours
  • new – More database optimization to reduce size and increase speed
  • fix – Error in nightly admin email
  • fix – Error in admin search when looking for very large datasets
  • fix – Error in inbound call report (userid would only show on the first page of results
  • OS incremented to 1.3 – additional log rotations

VoIP Detective 0.910

  • bugfix – Fixed issue with uninstalling licensing
  • bugfix – Modifiy the voiceMailPilot to allow long entries
  • feature – Added help system with contextual support. Clicking help on a page will provide assistance for that specific page.
  • feature – Added more information to the admin dashboard
  • feature – Added ability to refresh logs
  • feature – Added more style customization
  • feature – Added the ability to hide the remote location (which US state the external call translates to)
  • feature – Converted tables to InnoDB to allow row level locking
  • feature – Added MD5 information to the backup section
  • feature (Pro only) – Inbound call report shows final destination of call.

VoIP Detective – 0.900

  • bugfix – fixed bug in admin-search when searching multiple pages
  • bugfix – fixed call count on team search page
  • bugfix – fixed issue with the update system that prevented sql file updates
  • bugfix – fixed total usage pages (call counts were off)
  • bugfix – expanded cdr import functionality and added debugging
  • feature – optimized search queries
  • feature – added dial plan information to allow classification of outbound calls (internal, local, long distance)
  • feature – added phone owner (when searching for calls on a shared line)
  • feature – added pagination to admin search
  • feature – added additional fields to admin-search excel export
  • feature – OS version introduced

VoIP Detective – 0.831

VoIP Detective

Several system improvements in this version, which help to keep things running smoothly.

  • fixed bug with nightly admin messages
  • improved update system
  • improved license activation
  • fixed error with internal call search
  • fixed error with team search
  • added database indexes to increase speed
  • fixed error with scheduled reports
  • fixed error when exporting calls to excel
  • fixed voicemail flag on call search

VoIP Detective – 0.820

Home Page
  • fixed CMR import for 0 duration calls
  • fixed 0 second call search filter
  • fixed email activation errors in registration system
  • fixed error that prevented daily reports from running
  • fixed error in daily email reports
  • added multiple 911 alearting numbers
  • added ability to disable cron emails to administrator